welcome to my blog.

Steve Dragon live @ Experimental Floor 28 April 2012 Electronixxx Freaxx THW / DORA

.. here a recording of the liveact I played in frankfurt on 28 April this year.. experimental tech house to acid to electro..it was played live with up to 20 seperate tracks running.. have fun! :-)

the new website

www.stevedragon.comThe new website is now online but behind the scenes there is still lots of work to do.. I will get the pages and media more organized and add more content soon, have to sort mp3, pictures and stories first, after not doing that for years it is quite a big deal to get this all sorted out..

And while I post soundcloud players and info, I recognize that I haven´t recorded any of my new material yet which would be nice to have here, too…

Guest Drums for Conjure One again!

I will play drums for Conjure One again this year, see us at AMPHI-Festival Cologne on 22.07.2012!

Rhys will perform a mix of tracks from Conjure One, Delerium and Frontline Assembly, and I am really looking forward to this show.

It´s always nice to meet Rhys and the music is nice to play drums to. :-)

AMPHI-Festival Website

Conjure One official Website