about me

Stefan Jörg Vesper

Music Artist & Web Development

plays: drums, cahon, percussion, keyboards, guitar & bass
scripts: javascript, actionscript2/3, html4/5, css2/3
frameworks: jQuery, bootstrap, angular.js
tools: apple, cubase, ableton, reason, novation keys, yamaha drums, ufip cymbals

I produce electronic music like psychedelic trance/goa, electro, house, ambient and downbeat. I am experienced in roots- and dub-reggae-rhythms, funk and soul-grooves, and also the music of the prog-rock-bands of the late sixties and early seventies. I love jazz and experimental, crazy sounds. music has to come from the heart, then it is good music for me.

Steve BabySince I can remember, music means everything to me, making music and listening to people playing music. This was always really interesting me and whenever I could, I tried to learn and listen about music. This all has started when I was about 3 years old and goes on till today, within my family it was always clear that I would be a musician one time and live of it.

Since 1990 I am active in music with several projects, loads of gigs around the world, on tour as studio- and tourdrummer all over the world with gigs in Mexico City, Moscow, Greece, UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Swiss, Albania and many more. I produce tracks for my own project SteveDragon and I am a member of the band In Strict Confidence. I am also the drummer of the electro-project KitschConSoul and I play live/tour-drums for several other bands like Conjure One.

I made a lot of remixes for several bands and projects, just to name a few: SONO, ASP, The Crüxshadows, In Strict Confidence, Samsas Traum, Die Krupps, Láme Immortelle, Lava 303 and more.

I work with synthesizers and computers since 1988, at that time I had an ATARI ST Computer with Steinberg..s Twentyfour and made first experiments with arranging and sound-programming. This hasn..t stopped till now and I am learning and making experience in sound. Today I work in my own little studio with Apple computers and Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, Reason and several Synthesizers and VSTPlugins. the studio has a lot of nice analog & digital equipment to work with, also a complete drumkit, Yamaha Studio Custom with a UFIP+Paiste cymbal Set